Sunday, September 27, 2009

Silverlight 3 in Windows Mobile 7

Any developer who takes programming as a passion, would always like to see his application running in different plat forms.The code need to be same ,but runs every where.

.Net & Java did this by introducing an intermediate language to which every code compiles to and before running, it convert in to the native code.

When I entered into Silverlight it felt like I am writing code only for Browser.Prism has introduced a solution where we can use same code base for Silverlight as well as WPF.Now we have got much more support in extending our Silverlight code to different plat forms. 

Yes.The support is in Mobiles. Microsoft has announced that their next Mobile operating system Windows Mobile 7 Will support Silverlight 3.They are planning to release Windows Mobile 7 in 2010.So plan your application accordingly,because it has to run in mobiles by next year.

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