Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is it DRM which we really need in Silverlight 4?

From some news sites and also from Microsoft's press pass I could know that there will be DRM support in Silverlight 4.DRM is a nice feature which I would like to be in Silverlight.

But I wonder why they are not telling about other features, which as a developer we are waiting for from the Silverlight 1.0 days itself.I came from the WPF environment so I will really look for the below features first instead of DRM.

  1. Full implementation of Commands.Silverlight 3 doesn't have Button.Command property.Do we need to relay on interactions provided by blend 3?
  2. FindAncestor for RelativeSource binding
  3. InputBindings in UIElement.
  4. Attached events.
  5. Triggers or equivalent implementation in DataTemplates
  6. Option to create custom mark-up extensions.
  7. XPS support.
  8. Printing.
  9. More bindings in WCF such as TCP.

A huge wish list is here in Silverlight forum.Hope Microsoft will address our these small issues along with rocking new features.

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Ken Smith said...

Agreed. MS is working very hard to turn Silverlight into a premiere media platform -- but that particular strategic focus has left developers feeling like second-class citizens.