Thursday, December 30, 2010

TestComplete now supports Silverlight 4

Today I got chance to work with TestComplete to automate a Silverlight application.

If you need to get the support for Silverlight object recognition you need to patch your xap with a TestComplete utility. The patch just adds 2 dlls into your xap and updates the AppManifest.xaml file.

We have an application which uses same code base for WPF as well as Silverlight .Hope our WPF test scripts will execute for testing Silverlight version as well.



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Joymon | ജോയ് മോന്‍ | जोय मोन | ஜோய் மோன் said...


Anonymous said...

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Sriram said...

Hi.How to recognize Siverlight Object in TreeView In Testcomplecte. can help you and Few Combobox like Autocobobox properties are text and popup. In popup there are so many items.
But my problem is "ListBoxItem" are not Displayed .

Joymon | ജോയ് മോന്‍ | जोय मोन | ஜோய் மோன் said...

Are you inheriting ListBoxItems?
We had same issue. It was not recognizing our custom controls?