Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Silverlight Installation issues I faced

Here are some details about the installation issues which I faced when tried to setup my machine for Silverlight 4 with Visual studio 2010. No need to read further, if you are able to setup your machine with Silverlight 3 + VS 2008 and Silverlight 4 + VS 2010 without issues ;-)

After the completion of previous project which is done in VSTS 2008 and Silverlight 3 we decided to port the same to Silverlight 4.According to my knowledge it is difficult to have 2 versions of Visual studio if any version of them are in beta.Here to work with Silverlight 4 we need Visual studio 2010 beta 2.So normally I uninstalled Silverlight 3 and  started uninstalling VS 2008.

Everything went fine until my onsite counterpart called and asked me to setup my machine with VS 2008 + Silverlight 3and VSTS2010 beta 2 + Silverlight 4 beta .The reason was simple.We may need to support client for the previous project.The good news was he setup his machine with the above mentioned configuration.

So I stopped the uninstallation of VSTS 2008.Seems the problems started here.Started installation of Silverlight 3.Got the simple error message.Not able to complete the installation.Log says a previous version of Silverlight is there.Tried with different versions of Silverlight 3 which were available with colleagues.Hours passed with Uninstallations, Installations and reboots.Finally downloaded the Silverlight 3 version from net and tried.That too not worked out.

As usual I asked Google what is this error message by pasting the installation log in search box.Got a good link with Silverlight error messages and their solutions.

Silverlight 3 installation Error messages :

I figured out that there are 2 patches which are stopping me from installation.They are KB967143 and KB956453 and the solution was to manually uninstall those.But when I tried uninstalling it said “Update removal was disallowed by policy”.What policy ? Its My machine and my login with admin privileges.I haven’t set any policy.

After a google I came to know more things about the patches.There are different types of patches and these patches fall into UNINSTALLABLE patch category.The only solution was to reinstall the application without applying those patches.

Uninstallable patches:

Again uninstalling and installing VS 2008.Then Silverlight 3.Next series was VS 2010 beta 2 and Silverlight 4 beta.Tested whether the old project is running or not in VS 2008 and creation of Silverlight 3 and 4 projects in VS 2008 and VS 2010 respectively.Overall cost - a weekend and 2 week days.

Sometimes I am getting error message “VB.Net compiler is not responding” when I compile Silverlight 3 projects in VS 2008.But not consistent.Other than that everything works perfect.

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