Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silverlight 3 Beta Offline or Out of Browser applications

Now Microsoft added support for Silverlight applications to run out of browser.Earlier it was accomplished by a tool called Desklighter released by Identitymine.

Details on how to make a Silverlight 3 application offline is available here by Pete Brown.

Portability of offline Silverlight applications.

This post describes how can we make the Silverlight applications portable.ie how to copy offline Silverlight application from one system to another.

Normally when we select the Install button on the silverlight context menu the system copies the required files (mainly .xap)into a cache folder locatable at


The folder name will be localhost.<serial no of offline app in the system> provided the Silverlight application which you saved is running in the localhost.

For eg if you are creating your first offline application the folder name will be localhost.0.

Once you locate this offline folder you can just copy that folder to the new machine.To run the application you need to copy the Shortcut file also which was created in the desktop or in the start menu.In case you don’t have the short cut file you may run by giving the following command in console.

[Install drive]:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\3.0.40307.0\sllauncher.exe" localhost.0

To run another offline application just change the number (here 0) at the end.

NB: This post is written based on Silverlight 3 Beta.Things may change in actual release.

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