Friday, April 11, 2008

Styling and Templating in Silverlight 2.0

There is no easy method to edit Styles or Templates of Silverlight 2.0 controls eventhough there is Style and Templating support.The actual problem is we can't find out the default Style or Template in ordre to edit.In WPF applications it's possible by opeing Application in Expression Blend.But we should alter the templates in order to get full strength Silverlight .ie the GREAT next generation look and FEEL.

Here you can found one tool which displays default style and template of Silverlight controls.just copy the style from the tool then alter and apply to your controls and have the power of Templating and Styling.
Hope in future versions of Blend there would be support to edit templates as we are doing for WPF application.Anyway thanks to Delay for providing such a tool.

The default styles are available in MSDN also.

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