Thursday, March 6, 2008

Silverlight 2.0 release

It finally arrived .Now I am free to blog on it...
Download links are posted here.
Some key features I noticed in Silverlight 2.0 are

  1. Databinding
  2. Templating support
  3. Styling
  4. New controls such as Calendar ,DataGrid.(even WPF dnt have native grid)
  5. 2 layout panels Grid & StackPanel
  6. ArrangeOverride and MeasureOverride on FrameworkElements :-)
  7. Linq
  8. Easy integration into ASP.NET using <asp:silverlight/> tag without script.Dont know how to integrate in php or jsp sites since there is no <asp:silverlight/> control.

And lot of new features which will be discussing in subsequent posts.

So welcome Silverlight 2.0 and hope MSFT will make it stable in order to use it in production environment.


Reny said...


Good to read about your Silverlight Experiences. I am working in Silverlight for the past 3 months. Your blog is giving me great tips. Do you have any idea how to add an input box in Silverlight? Thanks, Reny

Joymon | ജോയ് മോന്‍ | जोय मोन | ஜோய் மோன் said...

If you are using the latest version you may use the TextBox for getting input..
If you are still in old version use html overlay which place html textbox(input) over silverlight content.

Another method if you need to get just single value at a time is to write javascript input box along with silverlight.More details are available in the below posts

Here I poped up an alert from js .Instead of that you can popup an inputbox.

some more posts regarding js can be found below

Reny said...

Thank you for your quick reply. I will give it a try.